Company Registration Guides

Here's a range of helpful guides and links from around the web to help you register a company.

Registering your Company

Setting up a company by EasyCompanies
A helpful guide that describes the process of forming a PTY LTD company in Australia.

Frequently asked questions by EasyCompanies
Our frequently asked questions relevant to setting up a company.

How to register a company by EasyCompanies
A guide on how to register a company using EasyCompanies.

Starting a company by ASIC
A guide to deciding on company structure, choosing a company name, and more.

Running your Company

Your company and the law (Director Duties) by ASIC
Explains the responsbilites of officeholders in a company.

Changing company details by ASIC
Explains how to change your company details, the relevant obligations and forms that must be submitted.

ASIC fees by ASIC
A list of all the ASIC fees relevant to corporations, note the annual review fee is currently $243.

Deregistering a company by ASIC
A checklist for shutting down and closing your company.