Business Name Registration

Tip A business name is different to a company name

For many businesses, the name they trade under is different to the registered name of their company. They might register a company name quickly to get the paperwork going before deciding on a trading name, or their business might change and their company name becomes unsuitable to trade under.

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Do I need to register a business name?

If you want to trade under a different name to your company’s registered name, you’ll need to register it as a business name. A couple of examples are below.

Needs to register a business name:

Elite Plumbing Group Pty Ltd trading as Elite Plumbing Group.


Elite Plumbing Group Pty Ltd trading as Plunger & Co.

Doesn’t need to register a business name:

Elite Plumbing Group Pty Ltd trading as Elite Plumbing Group Pty Ltd.


1-year registration

$69 AUD

3-year registration

$119 AUD

Registering a company with us? You’ll have the chance to register a business name as part of that order.

How it works

Use our business name search tool to check the availability of the name you want to register. If it’s available, we’ll lodge your application online and the name will be registered as yours, instantly.

A registration needs renewing from time to time, but don’t worry, our renewal alerts will keep you in the loop on any important upcoming dates.

Build a brand

Choosing a distinctive, interesting business name is a key part of building a brand. It helps make your business more than the sum of its parts, and stand out in the marketplace.

Tip: If you’ve got a business name you love, consider registering it as a trademark for even greater protection.

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