Company Registration

Everything you need to know about starting and running, including how to nominate directors and shareholders.

What documents do I receive after company registration?

All companies registered through EasyCompanies are supplied with 20+ Company Documents via email.

Unlike other sites we also offer a copy of the ASIC Form 201 which some banks need to see when setting up an account.

Included Documents:

1. Official ASIC Form 201

2. Official ASIC certificate of registration

3. Company Constitution

4. Minutes of the first meeting of directors

5. Register of officers

6. Consent to act as director

7. Consent to act as secretary (if required)

8. Register of members

9. Consent to become a member (Individual)

10. Consent to become a member (Company)

11. Share Certificates (Individual/Company)

12. Register of Debenture Holders

13. Register of Option Holders

14. Notice of Appointment of Public Officer (If Nominated)

Blank Forms

15. Notice of Appointment of Public Officer

16. Consent to act as director

17. Consent to act as secretary

18. Consent to become a member (Individual)

19. Consent to become a member (Company)

20. Share Certificates (Individual/Company)

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Updated — Mar 13, 2019

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