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What are the differences between the company suffixes available?

When registering an Australian proprietary company limited by shares (Pty Ltd) you are presented with many options as to the legal element (ending/suffix). The full list is below.

These legal elements are legally identical. Therefore the choice as to which one to register is purely a matter of style and preference. That said, if you decide that you would like to alter the style of a legal element at a later stage then you will be required to go through the company name change process by submitting a Form 205 to ASIC with the $417 fee.

  • Pty. Ltd.
  • Pty. Ltd
  • Pty. Limited
  • Pty Ltd
  • Pty Ltd.
  • Pty Limited
  • Proprietary Ltd
  • Proprietary Ltd.
  • Proprietary Limited

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Updated — Dec 10, 2020

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