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What are some common words or phrases that are restricted for use in business names?

ASIC restricts certain names and words for use within a business name, asking applicants to apply for ministerial consent or in some cases straight out refusing the name.

We have provided a list of the most commonly rejected words and phrases (you can see a full list and additional information from ASIC here):

1.  Trading as e.g.  John Smith trading as John’s plumbing  should be registered as John’s plumbing
2. Company
3. Inc or Incorporated
4. Trust
5. Bank

You should also be cautious in using terms that indicate an association with official bodies or notable figures such as the government and royal family. 

Any terms or words that can be considered offensive will also be refused.

If you are not sure if your name falls into one of these categories get in touch with our customer service staff who can provide further clarity. 

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Updated — Jul 9, 2020

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