ABN Registration

How to apply for an ABN, the information you will need and the support to maintain your ABN.

I can’t find a category that matches my business activity

First, you do not need to pick a category that exactly matches the type of activities your business will be conducting, it merely has to reflect the BEST match out of those provided.

Second, if no options appear or none that fit your circumstances, alter the words you place in the box next to the question above: ‘Describe the main business activity’ – for e.g. change medical to health etc. to see if alternatives are generated.

Should neither of these instructions be of assistance to you, please engage with one of our support staff on Live Chat or call 1300 664 337.

This information is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional advice. You must seek professional advice in relation to your particular circumstances before acting.

Updated — Jun 4, 2018

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