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Everything you need to know about setting up a domain. Including setting up email and a website.

Do you host websites and email services?


EasyCompanies is a proud re-seller of Google Apps for Work (Gsuite). We have made the process of setting up professional email addresses using your new domain name, quick and easy. To set up your Google Apps account please:

1. Login to your EasyCompanies account;

2. Select the ‘Online’ tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard;

3. Click on ‘Setup Email’ then ‘Google Apps by EasyCompanies’ then ‘No’ and ‘Continue’;

4. Follow the prompts to configure your account.

As an Google Apps by EasyCompanies customer you will be entitled to a one-month free trial period before subscribing to a monthly billing cycle.


EasyCompanies offers a free simple website builder. It has been designed to create a basic landing page or pages to establish your web presence while you build a more sophisticated website using a specialist website builder. As such, the features are straight-forward and uncomplicated.

Once you have engaged a website building service, either to build it yourself or have someone do this on your behalf, you can point the domain to the website host by entering the DNS records or Custom Name Servers issued by the host into your ‘Advanced DNS Settings’.

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Updated — Sep 6, 2018

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