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Do I need to advise the ATO if additional officeholders or shareholders are appointed after registration?

In short, yes. 

If an officeholder or shareholder has been appointed to the company after registration and the company has an active ABN, then the ATO should be advised of the changes once they have been formally updated with ASIC. 

Due to privacy and freedom of information laws, ASIC will not automatically update the ATO on your behalf. That said, should you contact the ATO regarding these changes the ATO can access ASIC’s registers and essentially pull across the updated information to their systems. 

This can be achieved by calling the ATO on 13 28 61. If an Australian resident has been appointed then you will not be required to provide any further information. If a non-resident is appointed and does not have an Australian TFN then you will be asked to supply the non-resident’s residential address and date of birth. If the non-resident entity is an international company then you may be asked to state the company’s country of incorporation so that the ATO can verify registration on the relevant country’s corporate register.

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Updated — Feb 1, 2017

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