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Can I correct my company name/details after the company is registered?

Under some circumstances you may be able too. You can lodge a Form 492 ‘Request for Correction’ with ASIC if a minor mistake has been made in the company application. These errors most commonly include a typographical error, such as a space or full stop to be added or omitted, or letters that are transposed or omitted in a word. This form must be lodged strictly within 24 hours of company registration.

To lodge a Form 492 you must:

1. Download a Form 492 ‘Request for correction’ which can be found by clicking here

2. Print this form off

3. Fill out the form as required

4. Scan the filled out form

5. Email the filled out form to within the next 24 hours (sooner is better rather than later)

6.In the email the company director needs to write a paragraph stating what needs to be corrected in the company application. State the company’s ACN as well as the company’s name and a contact number.

Our team will then forward the documentation to ASIC on your behalf.

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Updated — Jun 28, 2019

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