Feb 10, 2017

4 Reasons You Should Have a Professional Email

It’s 8am. Coffee in hand, you conduct your usual morning scan of the inbox and notice that catering quotes have arrived for the work Christmas party.

Instinctively you open the first from enquiries@cateringsydney.com.au and are quietly impressed with what you read. Later that afternoon you decide to check your ‘spam’ folder and finally locate another quote from susancaters1990@gmail.com. Perhaps it’s the quality of the offering, perhaps it’s subconscious judgment, but you are concerned. Is the second providore really going to be that reliable, that professional?

If you’re still on the fence about solidifying an identifiable online presence then the following considerations may be the call to action your business really needs…

1. Your Brand

Often a browse through the website or an email enquiry is the first contact that a potential client will have with your business. At this stage the consumer is interested but uncertain. It presents an opportunity to ‘hook’ them with gentle persuasion and a damn good email address. When the business figuratively ‘goes to market’, it conveys a message about the quality, efficiency and dependability of your brand. Build brand recognition and a sense of trust with an email address that identifies your business and your commitment to professionalism.

2. Consistency

The authenticity of a business can be discerned from its consistent approach to communication. Aside from the confusion that several haphazardly constructed generic email addresses may cause for a client, it can also embed a fear of fake or fraudulent transactions. There is a far greater likelihood that someone will automatically delete an email from an unknown yahoo or hotmail source, than one clearly stating a connection to an acknowledged business in the ‘from’ address bar.

3. Growth

One of the most attractive features of holding a business-specific domain name is the ability to create multiple users or aliases. This can be an excellent tool for separating areas of work into an ‘accounts@yourcompany.com.au’ inbox and ‘info@yourcompany.com.au’ pool for inbound marketing opportunities. It also allows employees to have a customised user profile or to give the illusion of size with many points of contact.

4. It only takes 5 minutes

When you register a domain name with EasyCompanies you will be reserving your place on the internet. ACN or ABN holders can expect immediate registration upon application for an available domain name through the EasyCompanies platform. Once secured, we have simplified the process of creating a business email account with our Google Apps (Gsuite) by EasyCompanies offering. Within mere minutes you can be sending and receiving emails from your new professional email address without the hassle of dealing with multiple providers and complex DNS records.

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